where do head lice come from? Do your head feels itchy or feels like something is moving around your head, then you are not alone. People around the world face problems with lice. These head lice are tiny wingless parasites that suck blood from the human head. Their biting is something that causes itchiness, same as mosquito bites but lice stay longer on the head. Head lice live near the scalp for warmth as it is the perfect place for them and has tiny amounts of your blood.
When lice start living on the head for many days, the female louse starts to lay eggs. They can approximately lay eight eggs per day. Their eggs are called nits. They attach their nit to the hair strand near the scalp. They are so tiny that it becomes difficult to see them. They look just like dandruff and are often mistaken to be dandruff. The egg looks white and clear, which means the lice have hatched. Their production is really very fast which gives you more reason for their removal. People think that hair lice happen due to poor hygiene or a less hygienic environment which is not true because hair lice can crawl from a person's clothes to the person standing beside them. 

As they start to hatch eggs means the problem has just worsened and is growing day by day. There will be intense itching. The itching happens anywhere, and it is uncontrollable. But itching in front of people or crowds can be really embarrassing. However, you can't help. This itching causes red marks on your scalp, and also, with that, you will have a burning sensation due to the continuous itching. This itchiness can also come down to your neck and your shoulder. As they start growing in a few weeks, the adult louse turns to the size of a sesame seed by sucking up your blood daily. So gross! These sizes of lice can be seen with our eyes while parting the hair and also can be removed with our hands.
If this is what your case has turned it to, then you really need to take a doctor's appointment. Doctors have access to the prevention and medicines which will help you to get out of this problem. And most importantly we have introduced a product Novokid, a where do lice come from. A complete natural package that will solve your problems of head lice.